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_never give up
_directed by

Pietro Ferrandini


Annalaura di Luggo

with ten inmates of the juvenile prison of Nisida protected by privacy

The artist Annalaura di Luggo spent two days with ten inmates of the juvenile prison of Nisida, Naples interviewing them and photographing their eyes. Assisted by the educational staff of the same prison, the inmates were involved in a series of performative acts in order to promote a positive approach to life among them, both introspectively and towards the community. The result is a multisensory experience for the audience in the space where it was staged the show (an isolation cell) with photos of their irises, some writings on the walls and a video installation, all stimulating the public viewer to reflect on situations and emotions that are unusual, but which are necessary to understand the reality of life.


_Torino: The others Fair
_Heidelberg Museum


Regione Campania
Comune di Napoli
Museo Madre, Napoli
UICI Unione Italiana Ciechi
Istituto Colosimo, Napoli

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