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Annydi Productions was conceived as a center of production and promotion of experimental films, documentaries, pieces of video art and interactive installations. By building bridges between specialized technicians and artists, Annydi Productions produces works of social and cultural relevance, focusing on issues such as social inclusion, environmental protection, human rights, nature and biodiversity. Annydi has always included individuals with sensory disabilities and social inclusion challenges.

We Are Art Through the Eyes of Annalaura, is an inspirational story of creativity, second chances and new beginnings. The documentary feature follows Annalaura di Luggo’s journey as she undertakes her most artistic creative challenge, creating Collòculi, an immersive multi-media interactive art installation. The film obtained the support of the Italian Minister of Culture (MiC), of the Campania Region Film Commission, of the Banco di Napoli Foundation and of Luca de Magistris Private Banker Fideuram. The majority of the Technical Staff was female and included a female translator who is blind and a costume consultant who is LGBT. The post production company was managed by an hispanic female and empoyed an indian female. The artistic crew consisted of one transgender young adult, a young woman with Down syndrome, a young man with autism, a young man in a wheelchair, a black immigrant from Africa, four blind young adults and four individuals with past criminal records.

Shot in 2020, Napoli Eden, a documentary feature, depicts Annalaura’s journey to create four monumental works of art from recycled aluminum. She included a group of under-privileged at-risk youth, offering them new positive possibilities. Qualified for consideration for the 2021 Academy Awards in the best documentary category, it received numerous awards and nominations from prestigious festivals around the world, including Best Documentary at the Venice Film Awards. The film was also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its inspiring art and social commentary.

Shot in 2018 Blind Vision arises from the artist’s interest in exploring the universe of people who perceive reality with senses other than sight seeking to reaffirm the value of these individuals as an active part of society. Awarded Best Documentary at the Niagara Falls International Film Festival and at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival Blind Vision was also honored with a special presentation at the United Nations Conference on RIghts of Persons with Disabilities and at General Italian Consulate in New York. Annydi Production is member of The International Documentary Association (IDA) and The Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL).

NAPOLI 80121 Via Calabritto, 20
Palazzo Calabritto, main floor, staircase B
t. + 39 081 18191018 / m. + 39 351 1137721 / info@annydi.com
Opening time: Monday to Friday  9.30/13.00 - 15.00/18.30
Other times and holidays by appointment

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