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Annydi Productions was conceived as a center of production and promotion of experimental films, documentaries, docufilms, pieces of video art and interactive installations. By building bridges between specialized technicians and artists, Annydi Productions managed to produce works of significant social and cultural relevance and present them in the most important national and international festivals, where they have received numerous prizes and awards.

In 2018 "Blind Vision", directed by Nanni Zedda, was awarded Best Documentary at Niagara Falls International Film Festival (Niagara Falls, NY) by Hollywood producer and director Stanley Isaacs and Best Documentary at the Fort Myers Film Festival (Miami) in 2019. Blind Vision was also screened at the United Nations during the CRPD 2018 (Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

More recently, director Bruno Colella, cinematographer Blasco Giurato, editor Mirco Garrone, music composer Eugenio Bennato, creative consultant Stanley Isaacs and marketing consultant Greg Ferris teamed up on Napoli Eden - the latest docufilm produced by Annydi - to create an innovative narration of contemporary art.

Napoli Eden was qualified “Film d’essai” and was selected by the MAECI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as part of the "Project for the Promotion of the Country of Italy in the World", for its inspiring art and social contents. It was awarded as best documentary at Impact DOCS Awards California, Hollywood Gold Awards 2020, L’Age d’or international Arthouse Film Festival 2020, Venice Film Awards 2020 and Social World Film Festival.
_annalaura di luggo

Annalaura di Luggo is a multimedia artist and performer based in Naples. In 2019 she is invited to 58th Venice Biennale with the work of art Genesis and in 2018 to the United Nations for her solo show. Fusing aesthetics, performance, and multimedia technology, the artist creates visually striking works that incite dialogue about social issues. She has, with dexterity and empathy, tackled incarceration ("Never Give Up"), environmental issues ("Sea Visions / 7 Viewpoints"), human rights ("Human Rights Vision", for Kennedy Foundation), and blindness ("Blind Vision multimedia installation and award winning documentary based on the artist’s enlightening journey with visually impaired people "). Annalaura di Luggo was also protagonist of the TVseries Giving Back Generation with Selena Gomez,  Nina Dobrev, Sofia Carson and Emma Marrone. To create Napoli Eden, her last artistic  project, di Luggo used recycled aluminum to construct four site-specific monumental installations open to the public that encouraged debate on sustainability in her hometown, Naples. This project inspired the dictor Bruno Colella in the creation of the docu-film Napoli Eden, which tells the life and works of the artist. Annalaura di Luggo is the CEO of Annydi Productions. She has received praise for her work from the public, major art critics, and prominent international figures from the world of art, culture and entertainment such as the Special mention by the critical jury of the Social World film Festival and the Rising Star Award at the Fort Myers International Film Festival.
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