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_pluribus media fest
_pluribus multimedia fest

Pluribus Multimedia Fest is an upcoming multimedia and interactive festival, split into two main artistic categories: Pluribus International acting masterclass and Pluribus International Multimedia Short film Festival

_Pluribus International acting masterclass

It will be a seminar held by internationally renowned instructors Stanley Isaacs, Hollywood writer and producer of a wide range of Film and Television projects and Greg Ferris, former Senior Vice-President, Marketing at Paramount Pictures Canada supported by multimedia artist Annalaura di Luggo (casting director and motivational trainer) and videomaker Giammy Caccese (bilingual translator)

The seminar will be in March 2021. The first 2 days will be divided into 2 sessions. The morning will be dedicated to education. At 12.30 pm, the instructor will hand out any assignment to be completed. At 2.30 pm, the students will present their performances, which will be judged and corrected by the instructor. The last day is about presenting the results of the seminar, interviewing the students and including them in a photocall.
All the activity will be filmed and edited for a TV format . In addition pictures will be collected throughout the seminar in order for each student to receive an acting portfolio.

_Social inclusion project: “Adotta a ‘nu pucunaro”

To give talented young people from poor families the opportunity to participate in the training, the project "Adopt a 'nu pucunaro" (adopt a talented boy / girl) was born, according to which companies or individuals will be submitted to some auditions and presentation forms of a series of guys who aspire to an acting path and among these they will unravel their favorite.
The company / individual that will adopt a young candidate will become his/her/ sponsor and will follow his/her training path.
The talent winner undertakes for a year to promote the Company that has chosen him / her using their social networks and / or in the manner requested by the Company itself

_Pluribus International Multimedia Short film Festival

In order to apply for the multimedia short film Festival, each participant must realize a short film (max. 4 minutes long) involving the development of the story along 4 displays to allow an immersive vision.
Therefore, when developing a scene, besides realizing a projection on the frontal display (which represents the main narrative), at least other two lateral projections are needed (while the frontal and the back displays may represent the same narrative).

The best 10 candidate short films will be edited in a multimedia format and projected within the Pluribus art installation created by Annalaura di Luggo in the Jus Museum of Naples. The works will be on display one week before the winners announcement event to be held in Marxch 2021. The final ceremony will occur by the end of March 2021 at Salotto Barocco Fideuram (Naples, Italy)

For submissions
A) bank transfer to the following bank account
Annydi Srl
IBAN:  IT54D0329601601000067216745
Payment description: Pluribusfest application short film + First name and last name or production company.
B) Paypal:
The message must include the following description:
Pluribusfest application short film + First name and last name or production company

To conclude the enrollment such made such on Filmfreeway such with direct payment, candidates must send an email to pluribusfestnapoli@gmail.com attaching:
1. Payment proof
2. A private vimeo link including the videos for each display edited in sequence specifying:
a. Frontal/back display
b. Right display
c. Left display
Should a candidate decide to split the frontal and back display, they must send 4 video files in sequence.
3. Word document including: Video title – Plot – Director – Director of Photography – Editor – Producer(s) (person or company) – Format – Resolution – Length – Original language

NB: All of the attachments must be sent through a single email


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